Eighteen Wheels Keep Rolling

All across the land on any given day
you'll see them crusin' down the highway
They're known as "truckers" to most
and heroes from coast to coast!

Whether these truckers be a woman or man
they're the life line across the land
They boogie on down that lonesome road
driving that big rig with it's heavy load

They're pushing that semi all alone
while their spouses handle things at home
A trucker's heart is one of yearning...
they gotta feel those big wheels turning

As they drive through all kinds of weather
the best eating places is where they gather!
They wouldn't have any other job at all...
'Cause these truckers are in for the long haul

They're friends to all on that ole C.B
calling out, "what's your handle good buddy"
Always helping those stranded by the wayside
AND they know where all the Smokies hide!

Theirs is a love of wide open spaces
seeing new cities, and visiting new places
A Trucker is a proud free spirited soul
and love to feel those big wheels roll...

Next time you see a trucker go by
wave 'em a big ole Howdy or Hi...
Roll down your window, and let them know
Heyyy... truckers are a real true hero!

Barbara LaBarbera 2004



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