~ 911-Two Years Later ~

Do you still remember that fateful day?
At first you thought, "an accident some way".
But then a second and a third took place,
And you saw shock on everyone's face.

You watched in silent horror as many died.
You saw everyday heroes as in vain they tried
To rescue somebody, anybody, at all.
But, then, in moments, the Towers would fall.

Have you forgotten those haunting looks of pain,
As friends and family searched in vain?
Loved ones gone in the blink of an eye,
And our only thoughts were the question, "WHY?"

What could anyone ever hope to gain
With so much destruction, sorrow and pain?
You tried so desperately to understand,
Reason and meaning you couldn't comprehend.

Now two long years have gone by,
And the question that still remains is "WHY?"
For so many lives have just fallen apart,
Now facing those years with a broken heart.

We wonder, will all mankind really unite,
And, together do what we know is right?
To rid the world of all this evil for sure
And fill our hearts with God's love so pure.

Kate E
2003 used with permission




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