~ CHRISTmas ~

C  is for the Christ Child
Born On Christmas Day
His first little warm bed
Was in a manger on some hay.

H  is for his Honor and glory
How he died for you and me
So we can be washed from sin
And forever we will be free.

R  is for his righteousness and love
And that he calls us each his own
He accepts us all unconditionally
And promises us an eternal home.

I is for Indefinitely, that is how long
He will be right here by our side
He will carry us through our trials
And his footprints he will not hide.

S is for the Savior, the one and only son
He is the true Father, the only faithful one
Who was conceived to be our salvation
In this untamed and most evil nation.

T is for the time my good friends
When he will call us all safely home
We will suffer no more loneliness or pain
And we will never have to walk alone.

When you put these letters together you get CHRISTmas.
I will proudly say. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Sandy Edwards 12-17-2005

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