~ Abundant Spring ~

Spring is so alarming with her thunder, and lightning skills
With rain, and then rainbows I still get the dampening chills
Spring wants to bring to your attention all of her beauty
All of the rains, and budding plants are her duty

Hear the birds singing, and their babies cry for food
Just sets our spirits high, and puts us in the mood
Might be time for umbrellas, but the sunshine brings smiles
Even the rainbows seem to go for miles

Time for planting your garden or at least planning
All little creatures, and budding plants are just enchanting
Great cycles of life make all so worth living
We grow, share flowers and vegetables for giving

Although some veggies, and flowers are very fine to keep
Sharing is far better then receiving, and makes our hearts leap
Your son or daughter helping an elderly neighbor perhaps once a week
Teaches them to lend a helping hand, and humbles and makes them meek

Spring is a joyful time of year. Nature yields all so new
Watch the fluffy clouds parading by in a sky so blue
Trees bloom for summer's treasures; breezes freshen
Everything created by God, and is all His possession

Joyce Ann Geyer

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts
and be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

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