~ The Act or Art Of Love ~

The world is a giant stage where we try to rise above.
We give our best performances at this thing called love.
I’ve seen the greatest actors, they’ve learned their lines so well.
That in the end when love was void, it was still hard to tell.

But I’ve found that love definitely has two different sides.
Just like actors playing characters, one personality he hides.
First there’s the act of love which everyone knows so well.
The other is the art of love, it’s a little harder to sell.

The act is done by actors, giving a performance and seeking a smile.
But their personal pleasure is what they’re seeking all the while.
Their partners have no special place, like statues made of wood.
Somehow I feel their closing lines should be, “Wasn’t I good?”

But then you have the art of love, an art not many know.
The world truly needs more artists, if love is ever to grow.
An artist takes his time, every stroke is done with pride.
And when he’s done, the love in his heart is impossible to hide.

His work is done with the desire that the whole world might see,
That his hard work was only done to capture eternal beauty.
Unlike the actor, who leaves the stage to again become himself,
The artist is the artist with nothing hidden on a shelf.

So when you consider love, you must choose which it will be,
The act of love or the art of love, I hope you choose wisely

Dan T. Winters © 2007
Life, Love and You
Used With Permission


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