There are the gentlest of raindrops
 Landing softly on our cheek,
That twinkle in our hair
As the softest of kisses
Heaven can share.

There is the happy song of a bird at play
To warm our inner soul,
The flight of pretty wing
Calling of sweet touch
Tenderness to bring.
There is the bright sunshine God sends
That warms us all through,
With the whisper of a breeze
To wrap us in gladness
With a tickle and a tease.
There's the delightful giggle of a baby
Unfolding the loveliness of life,
Reflecting beauty from above
In the innocence of heart
Hugs of purest love.

Then there's you my special friend
Forever close in heart,
How I wish we could meet
For a heavenly afternoon tea
God was oh so nice, when He planned for us to be.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2003 used with permission

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