~ After The Downpour ~

Scattered thoughts play leapfrog
while walking in the rain
bringing back fond memories
of children, hand in hand

Skipping thru God's puddles
laughing, so carefree
rainy days 'n rainbows
for thine eyes to see

Flower gardens blooming
enjoying morning mist
quenching thirst of nature
with a moistened kiss

Across the skies, a ballet
in dresses of pure white
thunder booms escaping
performance of bright lights

From the sky, His droplets
pools of needed rain
nourish crops for harvest
when autumn sings refrain

Sunshine peeks its head out
'n slowly looks around
skips and does a cartwheel
its shadow 'pon the ground

On tippytoes I scurry
chasing butterflies
swimming in the past tense
of childhood days gone by

The sky turns blue like ocean
is clear, for miles 'n miles
'aft the clouds 'n downpour
sun reveals a smile

With ev'ry storm I travel
back to days of yore
running through each droplet
us, once more

2007 Rose Marie Streeter

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Midi Singing In The Rain

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