There are many things that happen
We're wishing...if we could
Might all become much better
To make life as we would

But, rainbows are so beautiful
When raging storms have passed
The sun shines at it's brightest
In the peaceful aftermath

The greatest trials borne
Always bless the soul
Life's troubles become trifles
After life is cold

A smile is deep, contented
From leaning on the Lord
The faith gained so much sweeter
By the beauty of His Word

Sure hope of sight beyond
Is perceived behind dark clouds
The winds that blow reveal
Where God is truly found

The face will quietly lift...aglow
In the glory of new light
When showers of cleansing pass on by
Revealing paradise

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

Beloved, whatever you are waiting for or believing for,
God will not be late. The Lord is the Healer. He is just.
He is the dreamer of dreams and He answers prayers.
Be assured that He will bring that prodigal home....
Don't give up hope and one day you will see the resurrection
you have been waiting for, come your way!
Cindy Jacobs

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