~ Against All Odds ~

I played the game
you called the shots
my foolish heart
ignored the odds

My eyes met yours
a game of chance
heart did flip-flops
at first glance

Joker's spell
behind your grin
you held the trump
could I possibly win?

You gambled with feelings
'n pushed me aside
spoke not in truth
betrayed with your lies

I loved you still
so sure you'd change
gave of myself
had nothing to gain

Left for another
looked better to you
cards now folded
my heart sings the blues

A player, no conscience
someday you would lose
using, abusing
breaking all rules

When the dice lie still
you can't win the game
taste of the tears
as a lonely old man

You gambled with love
'n laughed in its face
you now stand alone
with a bitter taste

Sometimes I daydream
think what may have been
if only things were different
when I loved you back then


Rose Marie Streeter 2005

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