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~ A Gal From The Hills ~

I am a gal that was grown in the hills
in the city I just can not find any thrills

I won't trade the live stock or gardens green
For a thing in the city I've seen

The traffic is one thing I can say I hate
It can never compare to those beautiful gates

Concrete and black top seasoned with tar
Are not even close to the country by far

The bark of the dog and squeal of a pig
Has much more comfort than the city so big

A Gal From The Hills, has a natural beauty
She's always smiling, never moody

So if you have never been down on the farm
And awoke in the morning just at dawn

Compare it to any thing in the city
It makes me feel sorry, for those folks I pity!

I wouldn't trade places with a one of them
I'd rather stay in the country where I've always been!!

Betty Hill 2007


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