~ Age ~

One day not long ago
I was a pretty little girl
Beautiful coal black hair
Very straight, not one curl

But it never bothered me
'Cause I was young and strong
It just did not occur to me
Anything could ever go wrong?

Then almost overnight
I was old and gray
I'd stare all day in the mirror
To be sure I looked this way

Now as the days go by
And the images don't improve
I stay away from that mirror
So my sanity, I don't lose

I do not like the ugly things
I now see in myself
But it's not like I could change
And put it all up on a shelf

It's life, and I must face it
Though hard, it's going to be
To know I have to stay old
And never again be me???

So now to find a way
To cope with the blow I'm dealt
By growing old so soon
And losing my pretty self

What do you suggest?
I asked a friend of mine,
She almost lost her breath
And asked, if I was blind?

I am old and wrinkled too
But my hair's not gray
It all fell out so soon
It never got that way

We were young, now we're old
Be glad we've been so blest
To live these many years
Though we may not look our best

Any life is worth the living
I now say to my older self
Don't think about the wrinkles
And putting them on a shelf

The sun still shines so bright
Little birds still have a song
Flowers bloom each spring
So I'll keep shuffling along

When I see those pretty faces
Of the ones not yet grown old
I'll just remind myself
Their story's, "yet to be told"


Betty Hill 2005

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