~ Age Creeps Up On You ~

I thought that I was growing weak
From maybe catching cold,
Then I passed by a mirror
And witnessed something old.

It was sorta tall
With wrinkles here and there,
The longer I looked at it
The more it seemed to stare...

I must admit, it scared me
Even if just a bit,
The bags that hung under it's eyes
Looked as if they were hit.

It had just a single hair
Growing on it's chin,
And a head of long white hair
That was very very thin.

Suddenly it's mouth sprang open
In a roaring yawn,
It made my heart beat faster
Thought for sure I's gone.

Then I saw the strangest thing
When I jumped in fear,
That thing, jumped up too
Now I'm getting nervous being there

Black hair was in it's ears
And a few were in it's nose,
The more I looked it over
The older it seemed to grow.

About the time that I was leaving
It walked along with me,
And kept stopping quickly
Testing out it's knees.

To see how strong it was
In case it 'run' for me,
Don't know what I'd do?
Just have to wait and see.

I STOPPED and looked it in the eye
Then suddenly realized,
It was me?? Oh what can I do
To get rid of that scary old view.

Betty Hill 2009


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Midi "Funny How Time Slips Away" 
Sequenced by Jack Hall

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