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I am not perfect, yes, I have my faults
I have my needs, and I have my wants
I've struggled and fought, and gave it my best
I'm thinkin' that maybe it's time for a rest

I've cut back, cut down, gave in, shut down
Maybe it's time I just sit my b__t down
And clear out my brain, make a new plan
Just a small break, to see where I stand

Clear out the baggage, and make a new start
I'm sincere, and I'm honest, and have a good heart
Just need direction, some guidance, you know...
A "Someone" to show me which way to go

Someone who's gentle about their approach
Not too judgemental, or quick to reproach
Give me an inch, I'll give you a mile
I'm not a "Taker" isn't my style

Don't need a handout, just a hand up
Level is low in the proverbial cup
I see it 'half-full'...not 'half-empty' you see
It won't keep me down 'cuz that isn't me

For someone who's willing to meet me half way
Have patience with me on a difficult day...
Give me the guidance, direction, and hope
Who has what it takes to help me to cope...

I'd give so much in return, don't you know
There is NO END to the lengths I would go
For someone who gives me that sweet loving care
There's nothing I wouldn't be willing to share!

by Janeane Bolton 2002

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