~ A Little Christmas Ball ~

It was close to Christmas
I was looking for something to put on the tree
As I walked through the store
There were wonderful things to see
There were little villages and children on sleighs
A little toy train going 'round and around
With snow falling down
Yet I could not find that special toy to put on the tree

So the next day I took my daughter
To see the wonderful sight
She loved every moment, all the beautiful things
Suddenly she stopped and said with delight
"Mommy, mommy, I saw the greatest toy for our tree
See the little Christmas ball, standing all alone
It does not have a friend, can I have it for my own"

I looked at this treasure, all shiny and new
It was golden, with a little white star shining too
And in the middle, there was a little home to view
It looked a great deal like the house where I had lived
I felt it was asking to be taken home as our gift

So we bought it and put it at the top of the tree
And when our Christmas tree was alight
We felt the warmth of family
Our Christmas ball stood out among them all
Merry Christmas is a day, miracles come true
Wish upon a star, and love will come to you

Linda Ann Henry 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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