~ All Day Long ~

Okay ladies, let's all unite
You know what's in store January 1st
It's football games all day long
Can you think of anything worse?

Last year I spent the day making snacks
For my hubby and all his buddies
I don't think I want to do that this year
Just call me an "old fuddy-duddy!"

Do you think we can turn the tables around
Make them cook for us all day long
As we sit in front of the TV engrossed
Watching our soaps and singing our songs.

Well, that's not very realistic is it
Okay, let's go shopping at the mall
Grab your keys, your coat and credit cards
Let's go crazy and charge it all !

All right, I'm running out of suggestions
You say don't cook, order take-out
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em
No need to sit and pout.

Hey honey, what does that yellow flag mean
Why did that guy throw it up in the air
His poor wife will have to launder it now
I bet he doesn't even care.

And why are all those guys hitting each other
What is the object of this game
Ouch! Did you see that? Shame on him
Somebody better get his name!

What was that you said my sweet little darling
Go buy myself something at the mall
Get whatever my little heart so desires
Just go and have yourself a ball !

There is a method to my madness
Look out stores here I come
I'll shop until the stores all close
Because football is only interesting to some!

Chee Chee Martin 12/30/04

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