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~ All Hallow's Eve ~

The night is dark 'cept for the moon
eerie, haunting, shadows swoon

Autumn's breath releases sigh
chants a gruesome lullabye

Spirits from the hardened ground
reach for sky with ghoulish sound

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Topple tombstones as they rise
twilight chants a lonely cry

Rattling bones climb out of graves
legends from the olden days

Fallen leaves begin their dance
'cross the yard as if in trance

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Thunder bolts crash thru the sky
watched by clouds with misty eyes

On Hallow's Eve when moon is bright
dead arise, take up their flight

Jack-O-Lanterns, tainted smirk
eyes aglow where shadows lurk

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Silhouettes line the winding path
groaning, moaning, deadman's wrath

Hauntings on All Hallow's Eve
arms outstretched of frightened trees

Earth sings out her morbid tune
beware the spirits 'neath the moon

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Rose Marie Streeter 2007


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