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~ All Have Been Called ~

Soon the Savior will come back
In the clouds of glory
Just as He said He would
In the good old gospel story

It's a promise that He made
And He will keep indeed
He said be ye ready always
My Holy Spirit you will need

He poured it out at Pentecost
It's free if you'll receive it
Come unto Him repented
With all your heart, believe it

No soul will ever be cast aside
As long as they are willing
To take Jesus at His word
Receive the full in filling

It's what He meant when He said
Ye must be born again
It's the only way to heaven
To be freed from every sin

How precious is our Savior
Who gave so much to all
For it was the good and bad
Jesus came and called

But at last it's up to you
When He comes will you be ready?
Having all your work well done
Ready now to go, with God's only Son!


Betty Hill 2006

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