~ All It Takes Is A Smile ~

All it takes is a smile to make someoneís day,
A nod of the head, a handshake
to send them on their way
All it takes is a smile and a little time to say I love you,
To tell someone how much God loves them too.
This is what Christianity is all about;
It's self sacrifice and looking to the welfare of others
Putting someone else first,
All it takes is a smile.

A simple smile will light up a whole room
It will brighten even your darkest day
It doesnít cost anything
But itís worth more than silver or gold
At the end of someoneís way,
It sparkles brighter than any jewel known to mankind.
Happiness is the smile on your face;
And the gladdened heart of a new friend.
All it takes is a smile to bring intense joy
At least for a moment or two
Where sadness and pain have entered in
Itís a journey that will take you places
You will want to be
So why not share what God has
So freely given you and me?

People may not remember your name,
They may forget your face,
But what will remain is the smile you gave
When they needed it the most
God loves a cheerful soul;
Death lies not in the grave
But in the broken spirit of His children,
It dries up the bones
All it took was a smile.

Janice B. Marler
© February 5, 2008

A cheerful heart is good medicine
Proverbs 17:22


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