~ Alone ~

Can you look past this exterior facade?
Can you see the person I'm trying to hide?
Will you not judge me by my outward appearance
But instead look at the person inside?

A young girl dwells therein
Afraid to let her feelings be known
Afraid of making a commitment
And yet, afraid of being alone.

I have trouble interacting
My social skills are amiss
I've never been out on a date
And I've never been hugged or kissed.

But yet this person standing before you
Has feelings and needs a friend
Someone who will take the time
To find this girl therein.

I need someone who'll understand me
Someone who is gentle and kind
Someone who will listen to my stories
This little girl inside they'll find.

So will you be my friend?
Will you be there when I laugh and cry?
Will you console and love me?
And not just walk on by?

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