Lord, You reach out to hold my hand
You want to
You knew the beauty all along
Of me, knowing the reality
Of abundant life in You

That I need to live, not just today
But to know forever, the love I was born
To know
I will run only to You
For somehow I know now, You saw me
Coming to You, before all time came to be

You were preparing to call my name
You died to give away Your life
So I became
Eternal, ever after forever, now
and then
To never end

Lord, all of You I know I need,
I long for
You never laughed at me
When I longed for love
A secure home to know

The life You want to put in me
Now I live, so one day I can say
Goodbye to this earth I knew
Without a fear
For You are more than near

You have given me Your life
Inside, so deeply
You fill me, oh so completely
The emptiness is gone
Now I know I own Your love to keep

Sometimes, right now
the love
just makes me weep
even while I glow

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Faith is when we realize that we
cannot live on our own
~Joseph Garlingen~


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midi...I want to spend my life loving you
Tina Arena & Marc Anthony


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