Never Forget - Always Remember

Bullets whizzing by their heads
Fellow buddies, lying dead.
Thoughts of family coming to mind
Wounds, the medics are starting to bind.

Names on a wall in D.C.
Bodies of sailors buried at sea.
These are stories told by vets
Recalling events they'd like to forget.

So many wars at a cost
So many lives forever lost.
Remembering the fallen on this day
Praying there is a better way.

Flags flying at half mast
To honor the fallen of the past.
Saluting the flag as it passes by
Wiping the tears from their eyes.

Our young men now are at war
On foreign land, far from our shore.
Fighting for freedom once again
Freedom is the reason, it never ends.

So on this day, let's not forget
What the soldiers accomplished, and their debt.
Forever grateful we should be
They helped so many to be free.


Chee Chee Martin 2005

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