~ Among My Souvenirs ~

Only the best of all that's very precious
I will keep to hold within my heart
All my very special souvenirs
From which I cannot part

They are the ones I cherish most
As day after every day with tears
I gaze upon their wondrous beauty
And choose to keep them near

I never let life's grime and dust
Tarnish any of their lovely shine
I treasure them within my heart
Because they are divine

You, are of my chosen collection
The loveliest to find
I care about you so very much
Dearest friend of mine

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

We both know that we have many
people who pass through our lives.
But once in a while there is the
one I would call a "keeper". You
are a keeper and I place you gently
in my heart and soul

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