You came over here from England
To an Arkansas Poets retreat.
How excited we all were,
For "our Amy" now to meet.

Oh what a blessing to us all,
Knowing you would be....
In each heart that you touched,
You filled a perfect need.

We laughed and cried together,
And shared each other's dreams...
Just a few years later,
You were called to meet the King.

My heart aches with so much pain,
Reflecting on the love we shared...
But I'm so grateful you're at peace,
For you deserve it, dear.

Amy, we all love you,
Wait for us up there...
Soon we'll all be gathered
With Jesus in the air.

And we can laugh again together,
As we've done so many times...
From some knickers in the breeze
To "what's that berry on that vine?"

I love you, dearest Amy,
You touched the heart of all...
But you surely had to answer
When you heard the Master call.

So document neat things growing,
And keep a list for me....
For you could always tell me,
A flower from a weed.

I love you Amykins...somehow,
I know you will see this...
Pokey Lanford
May 2011



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