We all have angels some are here on Earth
Comforting to know they are here since our birth
Our heavenly Father has protected all who believe
A blessing from God above that we all receive

Angels are not visible but when you are protected
You can almost feel their presence and know we are not neglected
Sometimes a stranger helps or gives us a hand
Then a time later we seem to understand

We pray our angels help to guide us
They are helpful to take away our stress
We thank them in our prayer
For their wings encircle us in their care

Thank you Heavenly Father creator of all
An angel foretold the birth of Christ as I recall
In our Bible angels are mentioned three hundred times
We even dream of angels in our sleep sometimes

Angels are Godís protectors from above
Sent from heaven with Godís love
They guide, protect and love us
Keeping your guardian angel in prayer will bring success

© Joyce Ann Geyer

He heeded their prayer,
because they put their trust in Him.
~ 1 Chronicles 5:20 ~


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