~ An Angel From Heaven ~

I know this angel from heaven
His wings were just made today
He was given roses
As he passed along this way

He was so very special
God made a plan for him alone
For he was a child of God
Who was made His very own

For such a short time
He was the father that I knew
I could call him anytime
He was there when I was blue

Now he is in heaven
Such a short time I knew his soul
Even though I cannot touch him
Or feel his loving face
This angel's light is shining down
In any given place

An angel sent from heaven
A gift from God above
For his words will follow me
In all I will ever do
A sweet reminder of my father
Of his love so very true.

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Dedicated to my birth dad who
died today 6/6/2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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