~ And Now I See ~

It seems like only yesterday I held him in my arms.
In awe I looked down at his precious face.
And for the very first time I finally realized,
The extent of the sacrifice God made.

It made me think of long ago in a manger far away,
How another mother looked upon her Son.
God had made the choice for her to bear this special child.
She knew that He was sent to be the One.

She was the mother of the Son of God and He entrusted her,
To raise Him and to watch Him as He grew.
When all the while she knew inside her heart what had to be,
That one day He'd give His life for me and you.

It wasn't till I had a son that I truly realized,
The sacrifice that God had made for me.
When I held my tiny son in my own arms long ago,
God opened up my eyes and now I see.

Christmas is a special time to celebrate His birth
A time to think about God's sacrifice.
So let us sing our praises for the gift God gave to us
For this Child He sent gave us eternal life.

Written by Karen Bunker
November 30, 2006

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