A New Day Together

Together we sit, on the threshold of another day
Fragile, uncertain
Not knowing what may come our way
Life can feel a little unknown
Unsure what another hour may bring
But we sit here now, as friends, to share most everything...

Shall we rise and take wing
Or with courage, stand our ground
Renewing our mind
Moving on to see
What new joy, together we may find

For we never know, around the bend
What our Father has in mind
Another wonder to reveal, mysteries to unravel
Secrets, yours and mine

Oh Lord, as You take of this new day
Give to us, just as You choose
Together, we are ready, believing in your love
And all You would want to do
We rest, as one in soul, upon Your Word
Believing in all You are
Knowing we are held secure as friends
By the love within Your heart


Softest whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

We are each other's reference point
at our turning points
Elizabeth Fishel


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