Once there was a tiny angel
Who played among the stars
She often rode the moonbeams
To Jupiter and Mars

She loved to bounce upon her cloud
And give raindrops to the flowers
Then watch as butterflies and hummingbirds
Played in the crystal showers

And as the tiny angel
Was playing up above
She saw a happy couple
Exchanging vows of love

And as they stood inside the church
Becoming man and wife
She wished them love and happiness
And asked God to bless their life

So she began to visit them
Though they were unaware
And as angels always do
She listened to their prayers

When she heard them ask God
Could you please send a child
She asked if she might go
And live on earth awhile

God said yes, you may go
To teach them love and light
And thus the tiny angel
Came to live on earth that night

Now you no longer see her halo
And her wings have disappeared
But you know that she's an angel
Every time you hold her near

And every day we're thankful
That she chose here to live
This child of love and laughter
Truly God's most precious gift.


Karen Kelley
A poem written for my granderdaughter
She came to us July 13,1995,
Weighing 3lbs 6ozs


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