~ Angel Guides ~

Though I have felt alone, many days I have lived
Putting all I have, in what I have to give
I know on this path I travel every day
There are always angels to guide me on the way

These angels come disguised, as friends I have met
Holding me up, when difficult this life can get
It is when I ignore the help, right there at hand
That the lonely darkness engulfs the land

Knowing I am stubborn, a trait I do often regret
Trying to go over mountains, when around is easier yet
That is when the angels help me see the right way
Keeping up my strength for another needed day

You see the Lord does give us angels to guide
If you look, you will see them always at your side
Watching out for you in your greatest times of need
Coming to us as friends, with love our souls to feed

Gary Salter 2005


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