~ Angels All Around Us ~

Everyone has angels around them
They are always very near
To get you through life's struggles
And to help allay your fears.

Most people rush through their lives
Never knowing that angels exist
How much simpler their lives could've been
If only they didn't resist.

There are things in this world we can't explain
And some need no explanation at all
You just have to have some faith and believe
And not put up that brick wall.

You know the wall I'm talking about
The one that makes you feel safe inside
You need to come out and meet your angels
And let them start being your guide.

I talk with my angels everyday
There's no question they exist you see
My life is so much calmer now
They've been such a comfort to me.

Chee Chee Martin © 2005


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©Art by Jean-Pierre Targete
©Night Sky Kisses Creations

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