~ Angels ~

Last night while I was sleeping, someone awakened me,
I know I wasn't dreaming, it was dark but I could see.
I saw a white and flowing gown, a halo above her head,
And she was standing at the very bottom of my bed.

She looked so peaceful and serene, with a smile upon her face,
I could see she came from God for she was filled with grace.
Her wings were draped at her side, she softly said my name,
She told me now, my life would never be the same.

She told me God had heard my prayers, not to worry anymore,
Things will never be as bad as they seemed to be before.
She came closer to me with her arms opened wide,
Told me God had forgiven me the day that His Son died..

I fell into her arms while sobbing out of control,
Hoping this Angel would never let me go.
Gently she pulled away,, and said child have no fear,
God has forgiven you and He is always near.

Each time you get down on your knees to pray,
God is right beside you listening to every word you say.
You may not see Him, but I assure you that He's there,
You show how much you love Him through every single prayer.

He sent me here to comfort you although I cannot stay,
For soon I have to be going, I have to be on my way...
God felt tonight you needed Him, so He sent me in His place,
To reassure His Child, that you've been saved by Grace

Brenda D. King 2005
Dedicated to my Guardian Angel

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