~ Angels Watching ~

She falls asleep with roses
Her eyelashes are wet from tears
They've left their mark upon her face
She looks older than her years.

Her hair cascades across the pillow
A few strands have become wet
Her tears had flowed so freely
She never dreamed she'd be this upset.

Her dreams are all that she has left
A true love died today
Part of her heart no longer beats
She can't go on this way.

She hopes her dreams can take her away
No longer can she stand the pain
But beautiful dreams are eluding her
On her face you can see the strain.

She tosses and turns so fitfully
The rose petals begin to fall
A few are pressed against her cheek
Her tears she could not forestall.

She fades in and out of a self-induced slumber
Long enough to shed some tears
She snubs and whimpers as she drifts off again
It's her dreams she begins to fear.

Why, Dear Lord, has this happened to me?
She questions as she tosses and turns
Sleep has finally taken her over
As her heart still aches and yearns.

No more will she be able to kiss his lips
Or feel his loving embrace
No more can she be comforted when she hurts
She's alone in this empty place.

Her eyelids flutter as she dreams
This is a good one she will recall
She's dreaming of the way it use to be
Without any of life's pitfalls.

We'll protect her and watch over her
In the upcoming days and nights
We are her Guardian Angels
We'll help her to see the light.


Chee Chee Martin 2006

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Midi by Bruce Deboer

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