~ Angels Watching ~

We must ask Jesus to guide and protect us every day
God created Angels to watch over us day and night
We all have guardian angels that walk with us
It is comforting to know they protect us with all their might

Many times we have heard of a person in peril not knowing who helped them
No one knows how he or she received help that day. A Hero they say!
There are many kind people who would help, but when no one was near?
We are all human and praying to Our Lord keeping his Commands and obey

Our Lord provides us with help if we pray. “Ask and you will receive.”
We tend to complicate Jesus' words, but they are simple and direct
Let your faith direct you and not your intellect. “Oh you of little faith.”
Pray and keep it simple; leave it up to God and don't expect

Our Almighty God knows what we need, and never neglects
We must trust His love and never doubt as He has a reason
Our lives seem short but we can have eternal life
For everything there is and was; has its own season

Enjoy our lives, is what God wants, and see if we can help
If a person asks, give him of your time or money, or lead
Him to the right path; there are always Missions
Be kind, be charitable and loving, you don't have to plead

Treasure what you have today, for yesterday is past
Appreciate the love of family and friends, for the time they are here
Happiness and joy comes from our hearts, and you will find love
Giving and taking, is what it's all about; take your time and be sincere


© Joyce Ann Geyer August 2007
Poet N My Sol

If you love me, keep my commandments.
John 14:15


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