~ Another Christmas With Mother ~

Hello, Merry Christmas, come on in
all my children dear
So glad to have you at my house
for Christmas Dinner this year

Just been sitting here a'thinking
Of the things you used to do
Although my memory's slipping
Those memories still get through

How well do I remember
The creative things you did
Like topping my pie with shaving cream
When you were just a kid

For all the trouble you gave me
Each and every Holiday
I told you over and over again
One day you'd have to pay

Your kids wanted to help with Dinner
Now wasn't that awful sweet?
I gave them some of my recipes
And told them to fix up all the treats

They've been awful busy
But happy as can be
I see they got some ideas of their own
You just wait and see

I think they're all just like you
Not one bit like me
They got that crazy glue you know
Glued together the gifts under the tree

Now dinner is on the table
What a super job they did!
They glued the fork to the knife you know
But that's the nature of a kid

They flavored up the tooth picks
Flavored them up a lot
You won't know if you're getting one
That's peppermint or something hot

So what, if it's sugar instead of salt
I knew nothing 'bout that
But it's all you fault
you raised those tricky little brats

Believe me now your time has come
To learn that lesson, you know
For everything you ever do
You'll reap just what you sow

Yolanda Cohen and Betty Hill 2004
yycohen@aol.com  & ponymae1@hotmail.com

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