~ Another Day In The Life Of A Soldier ~

He takes a deep long breath
Acrid smoke fills up his lungs
His eyes dart back and forth
As he grips onto his gun.

Alert to every sound that's made
His heart is beating fast
'Why in the world am I here?
Will this day be my last?'

Different thoughts race through his head
As bullets are being sprayed
He ducks back down into his hole
And silently he starts to pray.

An explosion happens nearby
It's so very close to him
He hears his friend scream out in pain
As the daylight starts to dim.

Perspiration drips off his chin
He wipes his forehead with his sleeve
He's doing this for God and country
Because this is what he believes.

He'll do his job as bullets fly
He'll always do what's right
Protect us from the evil ones
Morning, noon, and night.

He inches slowly on the ground
To his bloody friend close by
He checks his pulse as tears fall
And lets out an audible sigh.

'Dear Lord help me through this
Don't let my friend die here
Help me get him back to safety'
As we wipes away the tears.

His senses are now keenly attuned
But a silence permeates the air
He raises his head to look around
The enemy is no longer there.

A medic starts working on his friend
He stands there and starts to sob
Unfortunately his friend didn't make it
But another soldier will do his job.

Right now he wants someplace safe
So he can write a letter to his wife
He'll tell her how much he loves her
And how today, another soldier lost his life.


Chee Chee Martin 2009
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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