~ Another Letter To Mother ~

Well Momma since you'll be coming
Then we better prepare,
Just let us get ready
For the pantry is bare.
We'll get out your games
That you did love to play,
So you will have fun
During your stay.
We'll put china on the table
The most smashing of course,
And we won't feed the cat
Or do all your chores.
As you'll be racing
Please bring your wheelchair,
And do slide all over the stairs
There's dust everywhere.
Also please bring your stepladder
For feeding the fish,
They're on top of the fridge
You're welcome to reach.
And regarding TV
Watch all that you like,
To figure the new remote
You might be there all night.
Kick off those old shoes
Hope your bunions are OK,
You'll have to stay indoors
For it's been raining these days.
We've still lots of Easter eggs
And packets of sweet,
You'll want to cook up a storm
Apple pie's just the treat.
Don't worry about the grace
We're never all here,
Everyone's out the door
Going somewhere.
As for singing karaoke
Well that's all the rage,
We'll make a party of it
It's cool any age.
Oh and when the phone rings
Do be such a doll,
And chat for all of us
On another survey call.
If there's a knock at the door
Try to be a bigger pain,
So I can be excused
From that salesman again.
Oh, about pulling drawers
Well, they're already out,
No-one wears them these days
At least not here about.
Try to get the chubby dog to move
Onto the kids about the street,
It's way too dangerous now
For them to even meet.
Go talk to the preacher
For he's really neat,
Nobody speaks to him much
He's glad if God's way we seek.
Oh and yell as you wish
Stand, sit or dance all day,
The kids music is the frown
Might not hear what you do or say.
We're glad you've got some plans
To be busy as a bee,
But there's nothing to fret
We'll be back home for tea.
See you soon Mother dear
Lots of love from Me

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


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