~ Another Year ~

Another year is over
Our time goes by so fast
And in that year some blessings
I wish could forever last

But then too, there were some rough spots
I would just soon forget
Even though they made me stronger
It was hard at the onset

God never left me when hurt happened
Although at times I felt alone
He was always right there waiting
For my prayers to reach His throne

So this new year must be different
I must learn to sail the sea
Of tribulation when it may surface
For this will make a better me

I must reach out to my brother
With unselfishness, and glee
Even when I do not have a lot
I must share what God gives me

I must try to find the wisdom
God intended for my spirit
For when I do, it pleases Him
And when He calls, I'll hear it

Another year is over now
Out with the old, in with the new
Forget about tomorrow
Because God will carry you

Do not dwell on yesterday
For it is past, and done
Focus on the new horizon
Give trust in God's Son


Debbie Looney 12/31/2006

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