~ A Petal ~

A petal fell off a flower today
The wind picked it up and carried it away
It traveled long distances by gusts of wind
So far from where it did begin.

This petal landed on a blade of grass
So many places it did pass
Gently cascading to the ground
Soon to be discovered, soon to be found.

A child comes running outside to play
Enjoying a beautiful sunshiny day
When out of the corner of his eyes he sees
This beautiful petal that's been set free.

He picks it up and gently turns it in his hand
Looking at its beauty, trying to understand
Exactly what it is and where it came from
As he rubs it gently with his thumb.

He'll give it to his mother as a gift
It'll cheer her up, her spirits it'll lift
He rushes inside screaming with delight
'Look what I've found! It's perfect, just right!'

She turns and smiles, her son is standing there
Holding this petal so gingerly and with care
Excitedly showing her what he had found
Screaming with joy while jumping up and down.

She takes it from his hand and kisses his cheek
'Thank you sweetie! This treasure I'll keep!'
He rushes back out, slamming the door
Hoping to find just one petal more.

She turns around and removes a book from the stand
And places the petal she took from his hand
'Will I remember where this petal came from?
Will I remember it came from my son?'

She stops and listens to her son outside
And starts to get a little misty eyed
This beautiful thing he did today
Needs to be remembered in some kind of way.

So on a piece of paper she puts the date and time
So in the future, to her, it will remind
How this petal made her son squeal with glee
And how this petal was set free.


Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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 Midi is used with permission
2002 Bruce DeBoer


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