~ A Poem of Thanksgiving ~

Thank You for the sunlight
Which warms cold winter days
Thank You for the moonlight
Its beauty does amaze

Thank You for each raindrop
That quenches ground so parched
Also, for each rainbow
Your covenant, that arch

Thank You for the trees
The grass and flowers too
My senses they do please
It is all because of You

Thank You for the oceans
Teeming, yet, with life
Thank You for emotions
For struggle and for strife

Thank You for the birds
Who fly and sing sweet songs
Thank You for my words
Even when I say them wrong

Thank You for my loved ones
Both near and far apart
Thank You for jokes and puns
For music, books and art

Thank You for sweet babies
Whose laughter is the best
Thank You for my easy chair
Where, always, I find rest

Thank You for my faithful pets
Whose company I cherish
I hope no one ever forgets
A pet's love never varies

Thank You for four seasons
Which help me pen my rhymes
Thank You for the reasons
I live in temperate climes

Thank You for the pumpkins
For squash and berries, tart
Thank You for the stuffing
That is my favorite part

Thank You for this harvest
A feast we'll share today
A special cornucopia
We're blessed to give away

Thank You for those wishing stars
In heaven, up above
Most of all, I thank You, God
For Your eternal love.


Give thanks to God, our heavenly Host
Give thanks to those you love the most
Give thanks for food; for a nice, warm bed
Now, holiday cheer, I hope you will spread

Faerie's Heartsongs
Copyright T.R. Cardinet 2009


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