~ April Roses ~

God made lovely April roses
To bloom their best effect,
Beautiful and fragrant
With a sweet magnificence.

They grow with joy up to the sun
Swaying gently in the breeze,
Puncturing the spring air
With all the tenderness we need.

I wonder then where we are set
For if a rose has such a perfect plan,
Then we, blossoming where we are
Have a gift to understand.

What could He have in mind
How He wants His own to be,
Fulfilling the special role
Chosen just for you and me.

If He wants it to be different
He'll sure tell me how to change,
So I'll be happy in my garden bed
Serving His domain..

Then with my unique array of petals
In the blooming I must do,
I'll be just like an April rose
Unfolding love to you.


Soft Whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Go pretty rose, go to my fair,
Go tell her all I fain would dare,
Tell her of hope; tell her of spring,
Tell her of all I fain would sing,
Oh! were I like thee, so fair a thing.
~ Michael Beverly ~

Loveliest of lovely things are they
On earth that soonest pass away.
The rose that lives its little hour
Is prized beyond the sculptured flower.
~ William Cullen Bryant ~

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