~ A Rhapsodic Symphony ~

The Father's heart is overjoyed
When we glorify His own beloved Son
And raise Him to His highest place
Just as He always does

To magnify His call to reign
As with perfect justice He will rule
Like streams of water in the desert
The earth He will renew

As a shelter from the mighty wind
And the shadow of a mighty rock
Within a weary land, we are from today, always
Embraced beneath His cross

As all mysteries, secrets to us unveil
We see and hear and know
Our minds can comprehend
And our praises to Him flow

No more will righteousness be mocked
Nor unworthy ones be praised
The hungry will be satisfied
For all greed He will abate

In Him, the desert blossoms will burst forth
As quietness and confidence release
Justice is and forever will be, His daily fare
And peace the fruit of righteousness

The dwelling places for God's own
Are secured in rhapsodic rest
In the sowing of His seeds by streams of life
In the Lord's own graciousness

This is the one of all to love
Our Father, God is He
Within His healing breath of life
There is only loving grace for you and me

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

See, a king will reign in righteousness...
like a shelter from the wind
and a refuge from the storm,
like streams of water in the desert
and the shadow of a great rock in a thirsty land.
..The Spirit is poured upon us from on high
Justice will dwell in the desert
and righteousness live in the fertile field.
The fruit of righteousness will be peace;
the effect of righteousness
will be quietness and confidence forever.
My people will live in peaceful dwelling places,
in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.
How blessed you will be....
Isaiah 32: 1-2, 15-20


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