As A Lavender Rose


~ As A Lavender Rose ~

Like lavender roses, beauty is so precious
When looking through the eyes of God
We find the hidden loveliness
Borne behind a secret song

That mysterious smile, soft demeanor
The dearest folk can bear
Often quiet, inconspicuous
In a never ending care

The beautiful people, so beloved
That reach us with a love
A heavenly touch that comes
When no other is enough

We never know when they may come
But, this we surely know
God sends a loving miracle when
We're needing Him the most

Divine soft eyes, and tenderness
Compassion of the dearest grace
That disappears, or reappears in
His own appointed time and place

God's Lavender roses
unfold incomparable fragrance

Softest whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2007

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