~  A Second Lasts Forever  ~

It only took a moment
A flick of the hand
That saved that silly old vase.
The elderly lady smiled.

It only took a moment
Bending down and a few quick steps
Retrieving the child's shoe.
His mother smiled.

A moment to hold the door;
To carry the box up the stairs;
Offer the ride - 12 miles out-of-the-way;
Donate my time, my dollar or my dime...

Precious as they are:
a second to me,
May be forever
to the next person in line.

Give what you can,
then reach out and give once more
You will find your seconds
Washed with time.

Stretching into forever,
Filled with gifts given; not taken.
Drawn out in length by deeds,
kindness not blind.

My dearest friend, Thank YOU, for ALL you do!

Katheran Crawford 2006

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