~ As Evening Falls ~

As light fades and sunshine streams so far away
Shadows drift in, then fall to stay
I thank God for all the beauty
He gave me to enjoy this lovely day

I thought of you, my special friend
And all the goodness that you send
And I thanked Him for our friendship
That I know will never end

I pondered on the autumn beauty
Now ablaze within my view
All the dazzling radiant color
Oh, just everywhere I look

And I thought, how so very amazing
All the seasons our God has made
Reflecting all His glory
In the wonder of each day

Then, as I sit and talk with Jesus
And gaze into the evening sky
I send a prayer for you my friend
That you will have such a wonderful day as I.

Soft happy whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008

I find that it is not the
circumstances in which
we are placed,
but the spirit in which
we face them,
that constitutes
our comfort.
~ Elizabeth T. King ~

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