~  As I  ~

As I watch you grow
I pray you'll be alright
That God will much protect you
Bring you through another night

As I touch your hand
I know you feel me near
A tiny wonder, oh so small
But with God I have no fear

God does exist? Of that I'm sure
For your birth has made that clear
I look upon you, and I know
That God, is oh, so near

Rest now, keep your strength
While God cradles you along
Soon you will be coming home
And we'll sing a blessed song

Know that many prayers are with you
And they will not cease to be
Until your home, with Mom & Dad
God will hear our every plea


Debbie Looney 06/2006
Dedicated to my Baby Grandson
Born at 24 weeks gestation
1lb 7oz - 12 inches in length

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