~ As I Do, Do So Ye! ~

My Master served me,
Unto His death!
Teaching me, loving me
With His every breath!

He bowed down in mercy,
In front of me,
Washing my feet,
In Love and humility.

"As I have done,
Do ye to each other,
My loving disciples,
Serve each sister and brother!"

"Love one another
As I have loved you.
Because I have loved you,
Do ye as I do!"

And in a short while
My Master had died,
Washing my soul
In His Crimson Tide!

If a MASTER can have
Such love as He,
To serve such a humble
Sinner as me,

How can I not obey Him
And serve diligently?
Do what my Master
Has COMMANDED of me?

"Wash the feet" of my brothers,
Serve Him with this love of mine,
Even as He served me
With His Love Divine?


Lynn King 2006

~ Glory to God! I am but His conduit! ~

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I usually close my poems with Word from His Scripture.
This time, I close with Word from His Spirit! I still
believe in the practice of "washing feet" as Christ
instructed us to do to each other. This not only
teaches us His humility toward each other, but
also of His love to us and the love He COMMANDED us to
show each other. ("That ye love one another, as I have
loved you, that ye also love one another." John 13:34)

How many of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, can
humble yourselves to each other as He did to us? How
many can love as our Savior loved? How many can give
your lives completely for Him as He did for us, even
unto death? He paid the Ransom, our lives are not ours
to live, but His to give!

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