~ As I Wait For You ~
My Darling as I wait for you,
To show your face on line,
I think of all the times weve had,
Of talks that were so fine.


Even though youre far away,
And though weve never met,
Our love has grown so very strong,
As weve talked upon the net.
Weve had our times of trouble,
Weve had our days of woe,
Weve also had the happy times,
Its those Ill never let go.

The plans we make to meet some day,
Some say were only dreaming,
I cant let go if they are dreams,
For, I will always keep believing.

I know deep down within my heart,
That our love is strong and true,
Until that day comes that we meet,
You know, I will always love you.

2/15/05 Lu Dube


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