As I Wake Each Morning

As I wake up each new morning
I thank the Lord in Heaven above
For all the friends He has given me
Each one added is one more to love.

I thank him for what little I have
I know I have lots more than some
I see the sun as it rises each day
And the sunset when each day is done.

I can hear the birds as they sing
And see each new bud as it blooms
I can feel the warmth of the sun
And I can see the stars and the moon

I can hear the laughter of the children
As they play the games children play
And I can smell the fresh brewed coffee
As the sun rises on a fresh new day.

I can hear the voice of the preacher
And the music of the Lord so sweet
I can see the smile on everyone's face
The people that I by chance get to meet.

Yes I may not have lots of money
Designer clothes or flashy cars
I may never be no raving beauty
Or ever be a talented rising star.

But I do have the gift of my sight
And the ability to share all my love
Because I have special friends as you
And the joy of the Father in Heaven above

Sandy Edwards 2007

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