Hello Mom,
As things right now are quiet
the night air still 'n calm
thought I'd write a letter
to say hello, I'm fine

Ya know, its kinda funny
these mem'ries of my mind
tiptoeing through the conscience
pausing, time to time

Remem'bring as a young boy
how much I loved the sand
but, never once imagining
I'd fight on desert lands

My friends 'n I would giggle
while playing, having fun
had not a care, 'nor worry
when each day was done

Can you recall the teardrops
when falls would bruise my knee?
'n how you made things better
with all your love for me?

Mom, my heart is hurting
I wonder will this end?
Prayers for peace 'n harmony
that differences will mend

Looking back, reflecting
on times that I could smile
trying hard to grasp them
now, vacant for awhile

Mom, I really miss you
the comfort of our home
comrades right beside me
yet, I feel alone

The bloodshed never ending
with sands a flowing red
numbers keep on rising
for all of those now dead

Instead of playing cowboys
as in the days of yore
this fight is real, uncertain
everyday, more gore

I hear the cries of children
their faces looking sad
thankful for my childhood
the happiness I had

The Christmas spirit absent
they'll be no loved ones near
stopping now, reflecting
on laughter, Christmas cheer

Imagination leapfrogs
to tree lights all aglow
stockings on the mantle
blankets of white snow

How is Dad? My sister?
gosh, I miss them too
long nights of conversation
movies on the tube

Can't wait to see the baby
my faithful, loving wife
soon we'll be together
building a new life

Yes, home is where my heart is
but, I've still a job to do
my love of God and country
I Pray will see me through

Well guess I should get going
as morning's drawing near
but needed to say, 'I love You'
'tween each salty tear

Funny how the yesteryears
'n morrows still unknown
make me think, remember
wishing I were home....

I love you, Mom
Merry Christmas!

'Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home'
As a Mom of an Army Veteran I know the heartache of wanting a loved one
home. My Son was called to serve in Desert Storm just before Christmas
and had to leave. I never rested until his return. Imagine how the
Soldier's feel? Please, Pray for them!

Merry Christmas to our brave military!

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