~ A Sugar Frosted Day ~

Good Morning, I hope you have,
A sugar frosted day!
That puts a twinkle in your eyes,
And smiles along your way.

I hope sprinkles of the sunshine,
Will warm you through and through.
And bright rosy candy apples,
Make all your dreams come true!

May ice cream colored flowers,
That smell like peppermint,
Bring giggles to your turned up nose,
Each time you catch a scent.

I want cotton candy clouds of pink,
Floating in your sky of blue,
And brightly colored jelly beans,
To light the night time sky for you!

And before you go to sleep tonight,
Donít forget your prayers to say,
Remember to thank sweet Jesus,
For this Sugar Frosted Day!

Written by Karen Bunker
© February 24, 2009


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